Orianne Corman

Orianne draws her strength and insights from nature and has a holistic view of the world, her sensitivity and intuition drives her passion at working with individual people while holding the “bigger picture” knowing that by uplifting the one it affects the whole of humanity.


She consider herself as a catalyst. She will enable you to connect and align the true source of your inner wisdom so you can craft a business which will inspire your clients.


In 1998, she became an Advanced One Brain Kinesiologist and a NLP Practitioner and in 1999 she founded a School for self-development with the focus on training new accredited Kinesiologists. A school that successfully continued for 10 years. During this time  Orianne attended a workshop in "Family Constellations" and immediately recognised the holistic approach to family dynamics that “cut through” the everyday chatter of the protective mind straight into the heart of the issue, a simple system that could be applied from the individual right up to the corporate to effect real and lasting change. She has been honing her skills ever since, gaining a reputation as “the go to” facilitator in Family constellation work across Europe and India.


In 2012 Orianne moved to London and started to collaborate with Rebecca Hanscombe.

In 2015, Orianne decided to share her knowledge in order to support Coaches who feel limited because they need a systemic view. 

In 2018, she developed a new way to train people to become Systemic Coaches with the focus on relationships. It is why she created a full certified online training course in French for people who love to support people. 

In January 2019, she launched the online course in English with the collaboration of Rebecca Hanscombe.

In May 2019, she moved to Portugal where she lives now.

Orianne worked for more than 5 years with Wise Holding (Belgium) to support new businesses and start-ups in their transition by developping a a more collaborative, systemic and sustainable way of working. She still collaborates with this organisation as a Systemic Coach. She has a portfolio of Innovative Leading Companies in Europe including Krauthammer, ING Bank, Blaton, Brussels, La Cité des Entreprises de Lille, Belgacom, Equilis, Derbigum, the Minister Cerexhe, CCI Namur.


When she is not working, she loves to trek, swim, and climb rocks in the wild landscapes of the world. 




- Massage californien, Shiatsu, Réflexologie plantaire, Relaxation Coréenne ( Brussels, Benoit de Pierpont 1995)
- Praticien PNL (Brussels, Alain Moenaert - Institut Ressources - 1998)
- Kinésiologie One Brain - Advanced Facilitator Trainer. (Belgium: Francine Dulière et Dominique Monette 1999)
- Wellness Kinesiology - Stress Release 1 & 2 ( France: Francis Larcher 1999)
- Symbio-kinésiologie (France: André Malachane 1999)
- Phyto-spagyrie (France: Toni Ceron 2000)
- Chironic Healing Level 1 &2  (Belgium: Trevor D. Creed 2001)
- Constellations Familiales et d'Organisation ( Belgium: Alfred Ramoda Austermann 2003-2004)
- Train the trainer ( London: T.Harv Eker 2010)
- Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher (UK: Rebecca Hanscombe 2014)
- Systemic Coaching and Constellations - Fundamentals & Essentials (London: John Whittington 2015)
- Systemic Constellations - Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Zagreb, 2016
- Systemic Constellations - Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Lovran, 2018
- Family and Organisational Constellations - Gerhard Walper, London, 2018



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