The Academy of Systemic and Relationship Coaching.

Today, more and more people suffer from relationship distress.
What if you were able to support and educate them?


Learn a meaningful job that could help people with relationship difficulties to free themselves from toxic loyalties that prevent them from being fully themselves, and creating healthy relationships!

To improve personal and professional relationships, human being have a long way to go if s/he does it on her/his own, but fortunately s/he can have a quicker result if s/he find a good guide:


What about his/her history, roots, origins?

Does s/he know his/her ancestors?

Is s/he satisfied with his/her relationships?

Does s/he sometimes feel divided, torn, blocked by his/her family?


Today, epigenetics (branch of genetics) has shown that we are born with programs inherited from our ancestors. These unknowingly direct our choices, our relationships, and therefore our life. During this training you will learn:


How to free yourself from it?

How to feel the support of your family?

How to take back control of your life?

How to improve your relationships to create a harmonious life?

Learning a profession, you can practice from home, which makes sense and improves your own relationships.


A great opportunity to heal your own personal story and then guide other people.

The course is practice-oriented. We offer several opportunities for our students to be able to practice as much as possible.  You will begin with yourself, and then with a buddy and when you will feel confident enough with your volunteers, and also by receiving sessions from Orianne or during our residential seminars.

Your tool: an approach that comes from Systemic and Family Constellations, NLP and Transactional Analysis


Inspired by Systemic and Family Constellations created by Bert Hellinger:

This transgenerational family therapy was developed in the 90s by Bert Hellinger. The phenomenological process highlights personal and family conflicts arising from the family unconscious using role-playing and psychodrama.

While relying mainly on a systemic approach, you will have the opportunity to go further with different approaches that have been proven for more than 50 years, such as:


  • The Drama Triangle and Relationship Games resulting from Transactional Analysis 

  • Family and Systemic Constellations 

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmation).


With all these tools put together, facilitating people who suffer from relationship problems will be easy, fast, and efficient for both client and Systemic and Relationship Coach.

Is it possible to learn remotely?


The Family Constellation practice over the internet is not any more controversial within the Constellation practitioner community. Fortunately, since the launch of the Academy, and especially with the Covid-19 issue,  online learning experiences all over the world have shown that it is quite possible to learn this kind of profession remotely. I invite you to read some of my students' testimonials by clicking here.


To date, this certifying online Family Constellation training course is one of the very first online courses regarding Systemic Constellations in the world. 


Coaching practice evolves every day with the internet.


My long experience (20 years) as a systemic practitioner showed me that online support is very different from the one you can have at a consulting room, without reducing its effectiveness, just as one-on-one follow-up is different from a group process.


Each situation requires a different approach, and this is how the Academy of Systemic & Relationship Coaching was born naturally.


Two in one


Students who follow the Systemic & Relationship Coaching training course also obtain the certificate of Family Constellations practitioner if they have attended the 2 residential 5-day seminars and have completed

240 hours of practice. 

Online Course 

Guided step by step to your new job

A certification accepted by the most prestigious associations of practitioners.

A bespoken follow-up 

You will learn how to: 

  • offering a secure and protected environment to your clients so they feel safe to explore and find solutions to their problems.

  • taking into account a set of information that will be useful to both you and your client;

  • listening with all your senses;

  • sorting through any information given by your client;

  • identifying the root problem, the cause that makes your client suffering and not being happy;

  • defining a SMART goal;

  • recognizing emotions and using them in your practice;

  • using emotions to deactivate memories blocking your client;

  • analyzing a failed relationship using the Drama Triangle and following systemic laws;

  • offering appropriate exercises to your future clients to free themselves definitively from what prevents them from being happy in their relationships;

  • supporting your client in finding their own solutions with the help of systemic tools (Systemic Constellations );

  • supporting individuals and groups;

  • and many other exciting things that will allow you to be more effective in your facilitation, and which will help you to improve your own relationships.


What file formats do you support?

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Can I host AllSpice on-premise?

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Do I have to use git to be able to use AllSpice?

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How does AllSpice connect to Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab?

We offer optional Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab authenticators for signing in to AllSpice. This makes it easier to login without having to create and manage a new account if you already use one of those git services. Further, you can use our migrator tool to photocopy your existing Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab projects to AllSpice and even keep them as mirror backups for your AllSpice repositories. As always, you have the ability to link to external Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab repositories in your AllSpice repos using git submodule links.

Do people need an Altium license to look at my designs on AllSpice?

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How much does AllSpice Hub cost?

Our Hub beta has a nominal flat fee for unlimited use for early partners until the public lunch in the summer of 2021. At that point, teams will have the option to convert to a paid license or terminate their accounts. Beta partners that stay on will receive a significant discount to their subscription fee. For price ranges, email us at or send us a note on the contact us page.

Will the diff tool continue to be free?

Yes, the diff tool is our gift to the HW community we so much appreciate. We're engineers as well, and we want to make the hardware development process better for as many people as we can.

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