Are Constellations Paranormal? With Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Rupert Sheldrake

Our technological culture straddles a great philosophical chasm between world views. One embraces spiritual visions of universal connection and the other subscribes to strict materialism. Is it possible to bridge the gap between proponents of collective consciousness and critics who insist the mind is only brain function? I recently exchanged e-mails about Constellations, representative perception, and non-local communication with the preeminent astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I asked whether the non-local information I perceive in Constellations has a plausible explanation. For example: Standing as a client's mother, I felt the presence of an older brother who died in infancy. The


Prochoice? Prolife? Abortion has been caught in the political tug of war in the United States for decades. Legal questions have their place most certainly, but one of the most powerful journeys I have taken since being introduced to the work of Bert Hellinger has been with regard to another way of thinking about issues that are among the most polarizing. When we really look at everyone involved in abortion, it is clear that the political level of discussion cheats everyone out of being able to access all possibility, all potential. Trapped in the dichotomous discussion of prochoice or prolife, the essential truths slip away. The ending of a life is on a certain level beyond. On the one hand,

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