Forgive yourself

But don’t forgive until you’re ready If you are the kind of person who reads a lot of books about personal development and happiness, you have probably noticed that it is widely recommended to forgive those that have caused us pain. It is considered the right thing to do. Forgiveness is considered one of the most efficient therapies or a panacea for hurt and pain by a wide range of therapists and spiritualists. But sometimes, therapists act like priests trying to push for forgiveness without acknowledging how hard it can be for the victim to forgive. Positive thinking has different effects. In the previous secret, I introduced you to the belief that we can control all our lifes by controllin

The power of tears.

Never deny the need to cry tears Tears are good for your emotional balance. Crying is the most efficient healing process and it is free. Babies and children know this, which is probably why they cry so much. When my clients cry during a session, they usually apologise: “I am so sorry, I’m trying not to cry, but I can’t help it.” It is so sad to witness this. We have learnt that only weak people cry. When this happens, I encourage my clients to welcome their tears. I’m actually really happy when my clients can’t stop crying. In the end, it stops. Once they have released all their stress, the tears come to a natural stop. This is when I know that I’ve done a good job. Tears are a blessing. The

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