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Ghost in our genes

Anny Duperey is a French actress, who wrote in several books about the loss of both her parents when she was just 8 years old.

In our families, there are quite often stories of tragical deaths by accident or suicide, stillborn children, abortions, miscarriages, lost twins and orphans, or people gone missing.

On top of this, the Second World War struck, and many people lost loved ones during the Holocaust.

All these experiences of loss leave deep imprints in the family system, and the following generations carry within the memory of those events, which, it seems, can be read in the DNA.

How is this possible? Can we deprogram those memories? I will try and answer those two questions.


Epigenetic is a new branch of genetics that tries to demonstrate that even if some things are not recorded in the DNA, they can still be carried on over 4 generations. It brings a new and broader look on the various factors that influence genetics, be they environmental, emotional ordietary.

This new approach of cellular memory transmission allows us to understand why psycho-emotional work can have so much impact on the person beingtreated. I recommend a BBC program: “The Ghosts in your Genes”, which inspired the title of this article (youtube).

Family Constellations can help free the ghosts from our past.

Though my practice of Family Constellations, I have witnessed several interesting things.

1. When an ancestor has left the physical plane in difficult conditions, through a crime or a sudden disease, the relatives remain emotionally frozen at this point in time and space. They keep on living, but their subconscious stay in this time bubble and the event can remain active for several generations.

Francesca is Italian and has emigrated several years before to Belgium with her partner. Even though she speaks several languages and has many university qualifications, she has not managed to find work. During a day of family Constellations, we represented her family system. We discovered that her paternal grand-father had left just before WWII in order to find work, and had asked his wife and children to patiently wait for him to send them money. The war passes and the grand-father never comes back and never sends money. The family never gets news and cannot bury their father.

During the Constellations, we discovered that the next generation keeps on waiting for the return of the grand-father, and my client had been stuck in a time prior to her birth. The work we did together allowed her to mourn, and a week later, she had found the job of her dreams.

2. Behaviours are put into place, connected to what happened. This is a trans-generational loyalty agreement.

Shirley has a daughter and lived through many miscarriages. Strangely, they were all boys. During a Constellation work, we uncovered a deep suffering in the family: her mother's maternal grand-father had sexually abused all the girls in the family, and also some girls that lived next to them. All this story ended up badly as he killed one of his daughters. The whole family is shocked and the grand-father is put into jail.

Shirley discovered her unconscious connection to this aunt, who died way before her birth and about which nobody talks. She remained loyal to the suffering of this girl and, in order to protect her offspring, she cannot give birth to a boy. Danger is imprinted in her story. The process allowed her to free herself from her unconscious loyalty and two years later, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy.

3. If there has been denial, forgetting, exclusion, some descendants remain connected to the forgotten ones, rejected ones or excluded ones, and they will manifest their loyalty to the absent person through their own life.

When she was just 8 years old, Isabelle's mum witnesses, helpless, the death of her sister who drowns in a frozen lake where the ice broke under her weight. Later, Isabelle has trouble getting pregnant and chooses ART that uses frozen embryos. Thanks to this method, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Through a psycho-genealogy therapy, she connected the story of her aunt who died in ice-cold waters to the life given to her daughter thanks to ice. She managed to repair the helplessness of her mother faced with the death of her sister, by giving birth to Clementine.

Recover our full potential by freeing your system

Family Constellations means representing your family system. The Constellation therapist is the guardian of the space (active quantum field) where the image of the system will be made manifest. He/she drives the process by helping the members of the family move around, and by looking for the sentences or words that will unblock the emotions that have been frozen, sometimes for several generations.

The emotional work achieved through this process, created by Bert Hellinger, can deactivate limiting beliefs that are sometimes coded in the DNA, and thus free the patient from the hold of past events that have traumatised the whole system. The patient can then express his/her free-will and his/her full potential.

Orianne Corman, your private Ghostbuster ;-)

Translated by Marianne Souliez

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