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From genealogy to gynaecology

Several days ago I was playing with words and I stumbled upon this discovery:only three letters separate genealogy from gynecology. I found this amusing. Indeed, without gynecology, there is no genealogy!

The grounds of the uterus

The uterus is like the earth where our descendants' genealogy plants its roots.

Everything is imprinted in the secret of the flesh, protected from the conscious mind, in order to ensure survival.

Little girl grows into a woman

Several years later, when the little girl becomes a woman, the memories inherited from her ancestors reveal themselves and sometimes wake up the descendants.

Mothers see their daughters growing to look like some women in the family. They are often proud to witness that their life is continuing in their descendants, when others might be frightened by it.

Faced with those obvious signs manifesting in the open, mothers are often not conscious of what they are passing down to their daughters, and thus to the following generations.

Not just fairies surround the crib.

With teenage-hood and the hormonal changes, the prophecies, the promises or the curses pronounced around the crib or the tomb (so many things are said at burials) start to be put in motion. Hormones activate curses.

Silence at work.

Mothers are often surprised and speechless when faced with this fate starting to act itself out, and do not know what to say or do. Sometimes, they think that the best way to protect their daughters is to remain silent, or to pretend everything is ok.

It makes me think of children who did a mischief, and who would rather deny what they have just done. By remaining silent or by lying, they think that they are erasing their mischief. It is magical thinking, and our mothers do the same, and that comes from a good intention.

Memories have a thick skin.

Of course everyone acknowledges that our mother pass down to us the colour of her eyes, or her skin, or some character traits. But our genes do not only carry our physical details or predispositions towards some diseases or handicaps. They also contain emotional information, happy or unhappy feelings. While they are shaping us in their womb, our mothers pass down to us much more than just physical traits. They pass down beliefs and survival behaviours, that have been developed through events, which have “imprinted” our ancestors across several generations.

As a proof, you might have noticed that some families have lines of abused women, or betrayed women, when others are artists, business women, teachers or explorers.

At the beginning was the word.

Everything is in the word. As a matter of fact, etymology teaches us that Genealogy means “words of genes”. Gynecology is words of women and Biology, words of life.

Which words have remained crystallised in the genetic memory and are passed down from uterus to uterus? During the embryogenesis, in the mother'swomb, the girl child is building up her complete gynecology. Her ovaries are already there when the future young lady is born.

Let's come back at the beginning of creation. “In the beginning was the word”, says the Bible. This sentence, famous among Christians, simply reminds us that the world was created through the manifestation of the word, something confirmed by astrophysicists.

The word is the wave lengths that vibrate and shape matter or flesh, and hence living beings. Wave forms create our world and everything in it.

On the day of our birth, we receive a first name and a last name. During our childhood, we hear this first name thousands of time, and all that is adding up as wave forms that affect the being we are, since we are made for 80% of water.

Have you seen the impact of a wave form on the surface of still water?

You can then maybe imagine the impact that your name has on the water that makes up your body.

What will be the impact of powerful words, of prophetic words said by a figure of authority in the family, of a taboo, a curse, a spell, of a betrayal or a humiliation?

Those wave forms program our genetics. They are recorded in our cells, in our DNA and are passed on to our daughters (and our sons).

They shape us and dig even deeper the furrow plowed by our ancestors. The morpho-genetic field is imprinted even deeper.

How to free oneself from the spell?

Those memories will be recorded on several planes, and the most visible one is our body: we will have the same breasts as our grand-mother, the long thighs of our great-grand-mother or the large hands of our mother. Everything is engraved, up to the way our body moves: walking like a queen or with the heavy and tired step of the slave.

Each memory is connected to a scenario that our children and their children will recreate completely unconsciously.

This is why it is important to create rites of passage, that offer a space where words can be said, where speaking can liberate programs that have been burnt deep in our black box, and free us from the spell that binds us.

First menstruations.

The arrival of the first mensurations is a very special moment in the gynecological history of women. It is a sacred passage.

Thanks to biology (word of life), hormones activate memories buried deep within the cells. It is the time to make a wise move and take the opportunity to express among women, thanks to sacred rituals, the emotions experienced when powerless and alone.

At this time, the mother can show her daughter how to liberate herself from prophecies inherited by the family and the maternal line. The girl can then take her life into her own hands and become a woman.

Family Constellations

This systemic approach is a wonderful tool, that helps mothers to leave behind the frustrations, the lacks, the sufferings, the humiliations,the betrayals, the abandonments and the unfulfilled expectations, to open up to the richness of life.

By ceasing to carry, along with the ascendants, all their sufferings, their stories and their secrets, the young woman will find her rightful position in the family. Love can flow again, and the descendants receive support from the ancestors.

Taking the time to do this work allows the whole genealogy to gain time.

We free our ancestors who are stuck in their sufferings and we free our descendants.

Family Constellations can give meaning again to our genealogy, and that liberates our gynecology.

Orianne Corman

Translated by Marianne Souliez

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