“For who seeks to develop personally, or his professional practice is ...a rewarding personal experience

A solid and structured training. A competent, enthusiastic, responsive and available trainer

What else to ask? Nothing. This training is complete and promising.

I am delighted and totally satisfied in my goals."

Jennifer from Trinidad

"My registration to an online training course was a real "first". From the beginning this initiative has been satisfactory. Effectiveness of concrete operations: payment, the access to the learning platform, rapid answers.

Very quickly, Orianne, my trainer, presented herself with judicious advice. He is an available person, very attentive.

During Zoom interviews, webinars and individual consultations, I found that his strength lies in making his knowledge available to everyone.

She knows a lot of things; manages to organize them coherently and can treat them in depth because it always seems in search and in the opening.

She is very generous because she wants to spread what she knows and can put it within reach of all.

The fact that she "tells her life" is also interesting and not at all invasive, always because it is consistent with what she teaches.

And its (almost always) successful use of new technologies and social networks helps to achieve its goals!

When one forms oneself from home, it is good to be in touch with a person of reference because it helps to move forward. And when a real question arises, Orianne always answers.

Isabelle from Belgium

"When I discovered family constellations twelve years ago, I was fascinated and passionate. I often participated, as a representative or as a client, and I promised myself that one day, I too would be a practitioner.

But it seemed complicated to me ... no doubt, was not I ready yet?

And then I discovered the online training course created by Orianne Corman . I registered, curious, to see what it could give.

I liked all of 12 PDFs. They were rich, clear, well structured. With more, books to read, videos to listen to ... I was filled!

Having practiced the constellations with great dedication and attention, as a client, I easily drew parallels between the course and the practice.

So I embarked on the adventure of learning constellations and systemic coaching, with enthusiasm.

And then, there were regular contacts. Orianne organized a monthly webinar and answered all my questions with precision. We discussed, we did exercises with the other students. I never felt alone with my class! Orianne has always been very present and encouraging.

The course swallowed, I started looking for volunteers and practiced to the maximum ... Until I feel ready for the exam. So I took the challenge to be filmed while I facilitated constellations. I thought it would be stressful but I also thought that I was lucky to be able to show where I was and what I was worth.

I passed my exam and received the certification which was a great reward for my perseverance and my commitment. My dream finally became true!

Thank you again, Orianne, for your support without fail!"

Corinne Toussaint - Belgium

"Dear Orianne 
You are such a kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and fabulous lady.  
I cannot recommend your courses highly enough - the constellation - well...... just fabulous. I wasn't sure what I was 'letting myself in for', but the whole day and the results were just amazing and I felt so supported throughout.  
Thank you Dear Orianne."

Jane Hardy - London 2015


"I had wanted to work with constellations for a while and I am so grateful that my first experience was with Orianne. It was an incredible session, moving into such deep and transformational aspects very quickly but with a grace and softness that allowed a real feeling of safety, comfort and truth. Orianne’s kind, loving and professional attitude paired with her passionate desire to support people in positive change shines through in her work; she held the space with a very wise and considerate approach. At times it was as if she was simply just observing, which of course she was doing but the skill with which Orianne holds this immensely powerful work is quite amazing. After one session I experienced a deep knowing about the subject we worked with, a huge sense of relief and great clarity around the actions I need to take. A few weeks on and I am still working with it and am deeply grateful for such a moving experience. Heart felt thanks to you Orianne, blessings always." 

Ruth Lawson, Wye Valley 2014


"I have experienced a number of family constellations in the past and all were powerful, however, the constellation run by Orianne was by far and away the safest, most supportive, most professional and profound constellation I have ever experienced. Her ability to hold the space is unparalleled. Her warmth, strength and love creates an environment that allows truth to flow through the participants. Her intuition is divinely tuned. Orianne brings the constellation to a new uplifting balance that sits right in its perfect place. She even helped me release back into the Earth old energies that I had held from an unprofessionally led constellation that hadn't been released and balanced properly. Constellations are extremely powerful and Orianne gives the needed support to make them safe and effective- in fact positively life changing." 

Emma Walls, Wye Valley, 2014


Dear Orianne, thank you so very much for the amazing session of Family Constellation I had! Not only "my" Constellation was amazing as it reveals "secrets" no one at the session could have possibly guessed but being part of the others' Constellations has been a powerful revelation as well.

We don't only understand with our mind the lessons or life purposes we are here to understand we experience them on an emotional and spiritual levels too comforted by your great ability to hold the space for ourselves and the group.

We are not alone in this process of Self Discovery and of letting go what no longer serves us as the Orianne and the group are a warming anchor.

This instantly amazing friendships too.

One day of Family Constellation has been as much and even more powerful than 10 sessions of Psychotherapy at least 

In doubt, signing up for one day Constellation or a one to one session with Orianne is for sure money well spent!

Many Thanks Orianne!

Sabrina, London, 2015

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